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Whether you are suffering with a long term condition, or a collection of symptoms affecting your daily life, Kaikins Naturopathic Nutrition can help you gain insight into your dietary and lifestyle measures in order to help you improve your health and quality of life.

Private clinic consultations tailored to your individual needs to support you with your symptoms. Appointments offered either face to face, Skype or ZOOM.

1.Discovery Call

A brief 10-15 minute discovery call will allow Kay to understand how she can assist with your health and key areas of concern. Kay’s priority is to ensure clients feel at ease before beginning their journey to recovery. The discovery call offers a chance for you to discuss your health challenges and objectives in a relaxed manner.

2  Initial consultation

Following your discovery call, you will receive a patient questionnaire. This form includes questions about your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle which will help create a detailed picture of your current health profile. Once completed and sent back, using a functional medicine approach, we will identify the root cause of your condition, thus supporting you holistically rather than working simply to suppress your symptoms.

The initial consultation will take between 70-90 minutes entailing details of your case history.  Kay will consider and review your diet and lifestyle to work towards your goals. She will put together a personalised plan accordingly, with recommendations for nutraceutical prescriptions (supplements), herbs and lifestyle adaptations where necessary and/or applicable.

This consultation will be held at Kay’s clinic. We also offer consultations via Skype or Zoom if this is more comfortable for you.

3.Follow up

At Kaikins, we recommend scheduling a follow-up consultation 4-6 weeks from your initial consultation with Kay, although this may vary from client to client. During the follow-up, Kay will re-evaluate your symptoms and chart improvements and progression. Your plan will be adjusted accordingly and ongoing support recommended.

The number of follow-ups is always patient-dependent, taking into account patient compliance, symptom duration and drivers, and how well a patient responds to the plan provided.

Following food trends has become a popular anchor for society.

Be it juicing, paleo, vegan, flexitarian or carb free, they have all held front cover headlines in recent years. It can all get overwhelming and confusing. Kaikins Naturopathic Nutrition runs group or corporate talks to demystify and simplify healthy living.

Group support can often help achieve realistic goals as peer support can offer that motivational push.

If this option interests you, the workshops include information based around scientific research focusing on:

  • misconceptions about “diets”
  • what we should and shouldn’t be eating
  • misconceptions about gluten free eating
  • misconceptions about diet trends
  • importance of gut and hormonal health

Or alternatively can be tailored to what you as a group would like to explore. Click here to book online

Fertility/ Infertility

Understanding the emotional impact and pressure that comes with family planning, Kay ensures an empathetic and warm approach to you and your partner. You will both be supported through a personalized plan to bring you and your partner to optimal health in order to move forward towards both a healthy conception and a healthy pregnancy. Kay’s approach is not only to support the planning stage but take you safely through your pregnancy by also evaluating the underlying factors contributing to your individual circumstances.
A full case history of you and your partner will be taken. We understand that you may have undergone a series of tests already, so consideration for further functional testing will only be explored should there be a need.

You will be given a tailored nutritional and lifestyle program supporting you in a sensitive and optimistic way.

Follow up appointments to review both plans accordingly will be made at a mutually agreed timeframe.

Gastrointestinal Health

Gastrointestinal complaints have become an increasingly pervasive part of our modern society.

Bloating, diarrhea, constipation, I.B.S, heartburn, halitosis (bad breath) are just some of the terms used to describe one’s state of digestion.

The gut health program will support you through identifying your underlying cause for your symptoms. Kay will take a detailed case history before working on addressing your symptoms.

Depending on your complexities, functional testing may be recommended but most people find dietary and lifestyle intervention alone helps tremendously .


Having a son of her own with multiple allergies, filling nutritional gaps has been the driving force behind much of Kay’s passion for feeding kids well.  Allergies and sensitivities often manifest in skin disorders like eczema, itchy skin or chesty symptoms like recurring chesty coughs, frequent flu like symptoms or a weakened immune system. Together, we can help identify your stressors and offer simple tried and tested practical advice to build upon nutritional gaps at a pace comfortable for both you and your child.

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Entry Level Package

1 hour 30 minutes. In-person, By phone or Online/Video chat

Are you intrigued with stepping into a lifestyle change to feel better about your health and wellbeing? Then this is the perfect nudge to give you the tools to start you in your new lifestyle journey.

Initial 90 min consultation + 3 follow up consultations and revised plan’s monthly – 45 min each.

Food and lifestyle plan based upon the assessment. Considering

  • symptoms
  • medical history
  • family history
  • genetics
  • lifestyle and stress.

Nutrient and current medication interaction.


1 hour 30 minutes, In-person, By phone, Online/Video chat

Are you intuitive and one step ahead with knowing something isn’t quite right with your usual self? You have had a dabble at trying different “diets” and not quite worked for you? Our popular signature package can fill in the gaps and give you that deeper understanding and solution to what is hindering your progress.

Initial 90 min consultation + 5 follow up consultations + plans.

30 min fortnightly check in’s.

Food and lifestyle plan based upon assessment. Considering symptoms, medical history, family history, genetics, lifestyle and stress.

Nutrient and current medication interaction.

Support with new food choices and new habits.

Recommendations on functional medicine and clinical tests with interpretations.

E-book of recipes to get started.

Platinum Package

1 hour 30 minutes, In-person, By phone or Online/Video chat

Have you tried it all? know what works for your body and what does not yet you need that extra support with being accountable to your personal coach? You need someone to take the pressure off you for meal prep, planning and help with realign what it is your body needs? Then this is the ultimate package that gives your body the full TLC it might be screaming for whilst helping you reframe your motivations.

Initial 90 min consultation + 10 follow up weekly consultations.

Mini progress review – 15-30 min

What’s app and email support.

Nutritional and lifestyle education and guidance.

Food and lifestyle plan based upon assessment. Considering symptoms, medical history, family history, genetics, lifestyle and stress.

Nutrient and current medication interaction.

Personal coaching to support new food choices and new habits.

Recommendations on functional medicine tests, clinical tests and interpretations.

E-book of recipes to get started.

Healthy eating shopping list

Free Discovery Call

20 minutes. By phone or Online/Video chat
£0.00 £

Discovery Call

20 minutes @ £0.00, By phone, Online/Video chat

Your courtesy discovery call to see how Kaikins nutrition can help you with your needs. Use this opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and explore how we can work towards your needs.

Disclaimer. The information provided on Inspire Nutrition is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Any person suffering from a condition requiring medical attention, or who have symptoms that concern them, should consult a qualified medical practitioner.